Yup, I did it…..

So, I did it!

I sucked it up and admitted I needed help with something! I got my parking lesson! (If you have no idea what I am talking about – read Part 1 here!)

Along the way I learned something more than how important angles and perception of space are …………

I learned that asking for help is often the hardest part.

I learned that pride can close us off from receiving help.

I learned that we can’t be good at everything all the time.

I learned that mastering something new feels awesome!

In today’s world with our access to info, online tutorials and how to videos it seems we expect ourselves to be experts in pretty much anything – like it’s a personal failure if we need assistance in any way.

It can often feel that way in our industry, people feel like they SHOULD know how to make healthy food choices that nourish their bodies, people feel like they SHOULD be able to find ways to exercise that keep them engaged and motivated. (Man, we are good at “should-ing” all over the place!!)

Guess what? Finding experts in an area to ask for help makes it so much easier! You get to have their passion for the subject, their depth of knowledge and sometimes their enthusiasm and confidence can rub off on you! (Much more thrilling than a generic online meal plan or some  lonely you tube workout video)

If you have ever felt the way I felt about parking (the screaming, stomping 5 year old saying “I can’t do this!!) when it comes to your nutrition or fitness, Stevie & I are your experts! We are patient (like my dude Sean at AMA!), good listeners, enthusiastic, creative and full of ideas, resources and training to help you find the confidence and skills to “master” the habits necessary for your self care.

Check us out: www.kickstartfitness.ca

Join our community at www.facebook/kickstartfitnessyyc

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