Workout with your Friends! It’s better that way!

Can working out in a group make you more fit?

Studies say yes! and here’s why………

You are more likely to get out the door to your workout when you know the group, your friends and the instructor are expecting you!

Everyone works significantly harder when there are others around as well as an instructor bringing fresh energy and ideas.

People who work out in a group tend to stick with their exercise long enough to make it a habit, when working out alone the average person quits before that lovely 6 week, habit forming time.

We can tell you many reasons why, but thought it would be even better if the actual people who consistently work out in a group were to let you know instead….. so I asked some of our regular and loyal KickStarters “What do you love about Bootcamp/ Group Fitness? What keeps you coming back?”

This is what they said…….

“It is always extra motivating to attend boot camp when you know that your presence is noticed and missed!” ~ Cara

“I have to say that bootcamp works for me because it’s highly motivational. A like- minded bunch of women keeps me positive and ambitious to get fitter. I get support and encouragement in every class. I have the chance to experience a wide variety of work outs while also having the option to modify each exercise . It’s like having a personal trainer but more fun and cheaper! Loving your classes and look forward to each one!” ~ Gillian

“Group fitness is a fantastic way to get a great workout in. The smaller group allows the trainer to give more one on one support with correcting form, motivating you when you need it and making sure you get the results you are looking for. Its nice seeing the same faces each class and developing friendships with people you enjoy working out with.” ~ Kelly

“I think being at boot camp is motivating as you workout with others. It pushes you to keep going. Of course having fantastic instructors is the key ;)!” ~ Laura

“I love bootcamp because of  how it makes me feel when I’m working hard  in the class & after I’m done. It’s exhilarating. I love how it keeps me fit physically & mentally, which makes everything I do in life easier.” ~ Gail

Thanks for sharing ladies!!! Yay for the fun & friendship that is KickStart Fitness!!

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