Life Coaching

Those extra pounds you’ve been trying to lose?
The chronic dieting and confidence drain that results from you being uncomfortable in your skin?

They aren’t going away…
Not the way you’ve been doing it anyhow.

Hear me out.

The never ending ‘I’ll start on Monday’ mindset.
The constant changing of and tugging at clothes because you never feel comfortable.
The lack of energy or drive to stick to positive changes.

What if I told you there was another way to fix all that?

What’s the secret?
It’s that this focus of yours – the way your energy is being funnelled to what’s going on outside of your body…is getting you NOwhere.

What creates change?

Changing your mind.

Each time you ‘fail’ it fuels thoughts that you can’t do this. My friend, that is completely and utterly false. You can do this, but it won’t look like how you’ve done it in the past. In order to feel the lightness you crave, to love yourself in the mirror every morning and throw on clothes with confidence, we need to start at the beginning.

Change your thoughts and you change your world.


I would describe Stevie as authentic, honest and inspiring! The best part about working alongside Stevie is that she has incredible compassion and she truly believes in me! She has pushed me to try things that I never thought I would try, and they have had an incredible impact on my life! I can honestly say that she has shown me new perspectives that have made me love who I am, exactly as I am, for the first time in my life! I feel so grateful to have her on my side!


KickStart024CROPWebReadyYou, Only Lighter

Fast forward 6 months after working with me: Imagine, the ‘weight’ of your struggle gone. You wake up happy, you slip your clothes on with confidence, you have lasting energy through the day, you have improved the relationships with those around you, you are modelling a healthy lifestyle, you are empowered by the natural way you honour your new lifestyle. You never want to diet or think about that 10 or 20 pounds ever again, you don’t want to age yourself with your choices, you want to feel vital and radiant.

It’s you. Only lighter.

Because I know you’ve tried every other way possible, started on Monday countless times, given up entire food groups and purchased expensive supplements.
And the truth is… it hasn’t worked.
I know, because I’ve been there. Not only have I been at the lowest of lows while feeling like a stuffed sausage in my clothing, I’ve done years of crazy up and down roller coaster ride type shiz to get myself to this place that I call now. And guess what friend? My now is amazing.

Light, free and vibrant.

With me as your support system, we won’t keep repeating the cycle. I call out the gremlins that keep forcing you to take the long way as you work towards positive change.
I hold my arms out as you fall and I celebrate you as you succeed.
My mission is to support, educate and cheer you the heck on as you find the courage to change. Cause guess what? Change takes major cojones… and I will be there as you make big moves towards sweet, sweet success.

You, Only Lighter is a 6 month program where we will take the steps below:

  • Step 1 - Cultivate Your Confidence

    I know, I know, you may have lost faith in the fact that you can treat your body, your Self with respect and love. All of the “I’m starting Monday” routines have worn down the trust you have in yourself. But friend, that just won’t do. This is your program. This is your time. Let’s get seriously stoked about your future, prepare yourself for some serious swagger in your step.

  • Step 2 - Action, Accountability and Avocados

    Lighter, brighter, happy! Goodbye old habits that keep you down! Hello new glow! What keeps us glowing? Real food and a new shiny outlook when looking at yourself and your world . With the 28 day KickStart program, you’ll commit to fresh, uncomplicated, natural foods. Clean out the system and reset the bod for our journey. This step is a biggie, not only are we going to reset the bod, we are going to shift your perspective, set the mind up for lasting success and begin to repair your relationship with food and change your thoughts about yourself. Harmonize all of the pieces of your life into the symphony that fills your tank!

  • Step 3 - Fall in Love with your New Habits

    You are knee deep into a fresh lifestyle change and you are hell bent on keeping it up. Self sabotage? Let’s take care of that right now. Cravings? Learn what the heck they are trying to tell you and take care of them. These new habits are your life now and we will work on keeping them there.

  • Step 4 - EmPower Shift

    Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror and knowing you are finally making the decisions to move you forward in the life you want. You are no longer held hostage by your habits, this is what you’ve worked said you would do it and you did. Damn girl, you’re glowing from the inside out! You are comfortable in your clothes, feeling calm where there was once a storm and and get jazzed for what’s to come – you make the choices that shape your future! As we work through your EmPower Shift you will gain the tools to shine a light into corners of your life that may have one brought you done. Learning to keep that positive mojo flowing no matter what comes up for you! You will never be the same.

What’s included?

  • 1 initial 75 minute session to hit the ground running
  • 3x 45 min skype/phone sessions per month
  • unlimited email support (this right here, is priceless. Keeping you accountable + supported 24/7)
  • meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and motivation to your inbox
  • personalized nutrition resources, handouts, websites, books etc.
Dana Gibb

Before I started the Reset I felt out of control. I wanted to make better decisions in regards to my diet, but needed some help to start. At the end of the Reset I felt in control of my diet. I felt empowered to choose good things to put in my body. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been the way that I feel. I feel lighter and healthier. I would describe Stevie’s coaching as a very safe supporting atmosphere. She is not here to judge. She tries to understand your challenges and help you work through them. She was so supportive and available throughout the entire cleanse. I would recommend Stevie and the Reset to anyone who is ready to accept the challenge to start eating healthy.

Dana Gibb


You don’t really understand what coaching is and how it will work for you?

I coach my clients with a WHOLE life approach to your wellness. We look at primary food as well as secondary food. Primary food includes physical activity, relationships, career, your spiritual self. Looking at all areas that make up your primary food gives us a picture of where your attention needs to focus, wellness is an inside out job, to make lasting change, we find harmony in all areas of life. Please read more about primary food here. Secondary food is the food we consume. We look at your habits to deconstruct cravings, increase your energy, to add new and healthy foods that will crowd out the foods that are a barrier to your goals. With a focus on both primary and secondary foods + my support and guidance, we will get this done!

You’ve stopped and started so many things you are afraid this will just be added to the list.

There is a point that people who achieve success in their wellness find exactly what they need to turn things around for them. This may be the shift that you need at this moment. We will have a complimentary Lighten Up session so you can further explore the program and see how it fits with your life and your goals.

You’re not sure you’re ready to look at the things that are keeping your body and soul feeling heavy.

Change can be scary. Believe it or not, even the teeniest changes in ones life are usually met with resistance, whether we recognize it or not. During our complimentary session we will work through the fear you are feeling and you can decide if it is time to forge on, or if you are not quite ready. You’ll know.

Jodi C.

It’s not a diet, it’s a change of lifestyle. I have opened my eyes about my key problems, weaknesses and failures and Stevie is able to explain why it happens. Her knowledge about healthier living have changed the way I think about eating and working out entirely. I have lost 15.5 pounds in my first month with Stevie. I feel so much better and most importantly, I have gained knowledge. There will be tough days, and those are the days I’m glad I have Stevie. I look forward to working with her more, and reaching my goal.

Jodi C.
Corine Blain

I am extremely grateful for the support and guidance that I received from Stevie – we spoke during our sessions (and whenever I needed her via email/texting) and this type of guidance was invaluable to me on this part of my life journey. Combine our “coaching” with the ‘10-Day Whole Foods Reset’ program and I now feel transformed…on the right path! I am much more mindful of the foods I eat, the recipes I received are now staples in my cooking and my life goals are more simple, clear and ‘feelings-based’. I really do feel more peaceful and happy – thank you so much Stevie!

Corine Blain
I only do this journey with 5 clients at one time, are you one of them?
Email me here to book your complimentary Lighten Up session!