Don’t get HANGRY!

Don’t get HANGRY!

It’s a kinda funny word, but when that feeling takes over – watch out! Nothing is funny – at all!

What is Hangry? When it’s been too long since your last proper meal or snack and not only do you start to feel the rumbles of hunger but you mood slips, you get negative, emotional and sometimes downright hostile!! (apparently both Kim + Stevie’s tongues gets sharp and our looks could quite possible kill – according to our husbands anyway!)

A lot of times when people are trying to create healthy lifestyle choices, they start eating less, sometimes too much less – leaving them vulnerable to an attack of the “hangries”!

In our 28 KickStart Nutrition plan we developed a great tool (with the help of Precision Nutrition) to help our clients recognize hunger cues. How do you know if you are eating too much, too little or if it is just right?? Just like Goldilocks, sometimes it takes a little trial and error.

Check out our hunger cues guide…….

Appetite Awareness Scale

The “How You Should Feel Timeline”

This week you are going to eat what you feel is a typical meal and then observe how you feel immediately after finishing and every hour afterward. If you’ve eaten the right amount for your goals, you might feel like this….

HOUR – Immediately after

You’re probably still a little hungry. It will take roughly 15-20 minutes to get a
sense of satisfaction from a meal. If you are a fast eater wait it out before going for more.

HOUR – One hour after finishing

You should feel satisfied with no desire to eat another meal

HOUR – Two hours after finishing

You may start to feel a little hungry like you could eat something, but the feeling
is not overwhelming.
HOUR – Three to four hours after finishing

You should feel like its time for the next meal. Your hunger should be around a 7
or 8 out of 10, but may be more or less depending on when you exercised and what your physical activity level is.

Not really hungry yet?? You likely ate too much at your last meal.

HOUR – Four or more hours after finishing

You are very hungry, like nothing is getting between you and the kitchen. You are at an 8 or 9 out of 10. This is where the “I am so hungry I could eat anything” feeling appears.  (Obviously if you let your hunger get this far, you may make poor choices or get HANGRY!)          
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We suggest really being mindful about these cues, you can learn so much by slowing down and creating awareness of when and how much you really need. Trying to ignore hunger cues usually leads to being too hungry, getting cranky and then overeating – which let’s face it – never feels good!

This is just one of many amazing tools we have as a part of our 28 Day KickStart Nutrition plan – our next group will start in September, follow us on FB or sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out!

If you have any questions, please don’t be shy to post them on our FB page or email us at

Have a great summer & keep the “hangries” at bay!

xo Kim + Stevie

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