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Quick Fix or Pumpkin Pie?

Usually, when someone, myself included, decides they want or need something, they want or need it in that exact same moment. Now. I’m quite sure that this behaviour has not always been the norm. Our predecessors had to plant, nurture and work for an entire season to have the pumpkin to make the puree to enjoy the pumpkin pie. Patience was an actual thing. These days, patience is something we pray for when we are held up by life. We have fast food, fast credit, fast information, fast banking….whatever we can create into an experience of convenience, we create.

I may be the honorary mayor of ‘I Want It Nowville’.   I obsessively map out the quickest routes in my car. I race the person next to me in the self-checkout. I get stuck in a bubble of annoyance when someone is holding up my sprint to the end of my current task. I tell my kids about how we used to have to wait for a videotape to rewind before we could start it again (this is after we had to walk to a video store to choose the movie)….and that I had to wait by the radio for my favourite song to come on, sometimes All. Day. Long. This is my version of walking uphill both ways to school. They hear me, but don’t quite get it.

I do love the convenience of our lives. I also think we could live without it…even dare I say, in a happier space. Not only do we miss opportunities to connect to the world and to slow the pace of our racing minds, we also learn to expect results at lightening speed. This includes the results gained by changing our habits or our mindset. We want them now but our minds and bodies are still back where it makes more sense to have to wait for that pumpkin to grow before we gain the benefits of the pumpkin pie.   Things take time but our inner speed demon is trying to tell us we can (and should) have it all RIGHT NOW.

So when we sit down and decide we are going to make a lifestyle change, what do many people gravitate towards? 

Quick fixes.

  • Before and after pics that show 1 month of ginormous amounts of progress.
  • Testimonials that say they lost 10 lbs. in the first week.
  • Plans that promise you will feel the best you’ve ever felt within days…as long as you a) spend hundreds or thousands on their product b) give up entire food groups c) join their community all in by raising your right hand and swear you will only believe there is one perfect way to eat and shame those who don’t follow… (ok maybe not so much…or maybe…)

 I do this as well. Even now, even after being through so many quick fix fails, I can still get a tingle of excitement in my belly when I read a quick fix marketing blurb. “What!? She has more energy after only 3 days with this?? SIGN ME UP!” …and then I remind myself of pumpkin pies.

I’ve heard many stories over the years of quick fix trials and tribs and the common theme is that in reality, the ‘quick fix’ doesn’t happen for the majority of the population and for those it does, it usually doesn’t last.   Why don’t quick fixes just turn into longer fixes? They aren’t built to. They’re usually too expensive, too restrictive, too isolating and too much of a disruption to our regular lives. 

Change takes time.

Creating takes work.

To shift habits, mindset and our actions we need to fight the ‘RIGHT NOW’ expectation that runs deep in our lives.  

We must monitor every conversation we have with ourselves like we are the damn CIA on the biggest case of our careers. We must be vigilant in our pursuit of a new internal dialogue, finding the words that will lead to our desired actions.

We must keep doing the small things over and over until they add up to big things that will ultimately give us the change we want.  Start the journey with the expectation that it may take a while. Make peace with yourself and find your patience.   And when a quick fix tempts us to seek the high that instant gratification gives us? Remember the pumpkin pie.  



Snacks, Munchies & Boredom (or fear, anxiety, loneliness, feeling out of control)

So many times when we are coaching our clients about creating new Fitness and Lifestyle habits the issue of snacks come up as one area where many people feel very challenged!

Perhaps it’s the “carb-y” before bed snack of toast and peanut butter or cereal or munching on a salty snack like chips or popcorn while cozy-ing up for your latest Netflix obsession, for many of us these routines are just that, a routine or a habit.

If you want to change the habit, first you have to be aware of it and how often you do it…you may not even realize that you do it 5 out of 7 nights until you track it. Wowzers – a lot of us do things very frequently without realizing just how frequent it is!!

Things to think about if you want change………

Am I really hungry right now? If so, what does my body need that I may not have had enough of today? (chances are it’s not refined grains or sugar!)

How am I feeling? Many times we eat to cover, soothe or distract from an unpleasant or unwanted emotion. Boredom, loneliness and feeling out of control are common ones. If it is an emotion you are becoming aware of – what else could you do to soothe that? Take a hot luxurious bath, email an old friend to see how they are, write down how you feel, listen to some tunes, read a good book?

Do I have an all or nothing attitude? i.e.. “I want to not eat in the evenings anymore so I will never have anything but water pass my lips after 7pm.” Habits take time to change, try replacing your snack with a healthier alternative ie. 1-2 tbsp. almond butter and apple 3x/ week and have one night a week for your old fave. When you have an all or nothing attitude, you create a forbidden fruit! If I tell you not to think about ice cream, the first thing you will think about is ice cream. Right? So be realistic, many small changes can add up to big results.

Does this choice I am about to make align with my goals? ie. am I getting myself closer or further from my goal with this choice?

Be aware of what your habits are, ask yourself the questions……then, with awareness set out to create new ones that align with your goals and long term vision.

If you have questions about this or anything else, don’t be shy to reach out! Kim + Stevie are here for you! info@kickstartfirness.ca. If you want some extra help developing new habits think about trying out our next 28 Day KickStart Check it out here!


Are YOU even on your own calender?


I don’t know about you, but I have a mixture of excitement and trepidation this time of year! I sat down with both of the kids school calendars to do the dreaded inputting of PD days, holidays, parent teacher meetings etc, (sooooo much fun when you have one on a modified calendar and the other traditional so that very few of their holidays match up & we don’t even have their sport’s training schedule yet!!!) Alas, I digress! Stevie and I have also been going through our calendars, setting up our schedule for our fitness classes, trying to make sure that we are supporting each others travel plans, as well as the one on one work we do with our clients…..whew! Lot’s to think about….it can create a bit of anxiety looking ahead and knowing that the peaceful pace of summer is coming to a close.

But there is also a sense of fun and possibility with it all – the feeling of the new spiral notebook waiting to be filled with thoughts, ideas & possibilities. Oftentimes, as the principle “manager” of our households, we fill the calendar with what everyone else needs….get kids to practice for 6:30pm, book husband dentist apt, book dog grooming, son needs pants that are not “floods” before picture day etc.  So. Many. Things.

This process got me to thinking……have you put yourself on the calendar yet? What do you need to make this year more fulfilling than the last? Is this your year to finally take that art class? Get over your fear and try downhill skiing? Eat out less and cook healthy meals at home? Maybe every year you think, “this year will be different!” What does it take to actually make it different? To not turn around in June and sigh, maybe next year…..

Well if you really want things to be different, I challenge you now to put yourself on the calendar! Commit, plan it, make it happen, book it in! If you leave it up to chance we all know how quickly that calendar gets filled by details, details happen. This fall, be sure to fill it with things that nurture your soul too! Fill your heart and mind and try new things. Be excited, be bold, take care of you so that you CAN take care of the details.

xox Kim

This fall, Kim + Stevie want to help you reach your lifestyle goals – be it to get into a regular, fun fitness routine in your community or get specialized one-on-one help with Personal Training or Coaching.  Want to know more? Send us an email at info@kickstartfitness.ca


Our Motto – Will you Join us in Living it?

At KickStart our motto is “look good, feel great, love life”. The way we see it, if you feel great…if you love life…then your personal definition of looking ‘good’ –is a happy side effect. Nothing looks better on a lady than the inner glow born of health and confidence.

To embody the KickStart Lifestyle we believe that you begin to look at things that excite you, you find ways to eat that make you feel light and without restriction, you create positive habits without bullying yourself into them.

At KickStart, we are strong believers in feeling the best we possibly can.

With food, exercise and how we spend our time. We make decisions based on what’s best for us.

How do you want to feel?

What do you want your days to look like?  

Are you listening to what you need?

Waking up each morning and having the ability to make choices that create our life is one of our greatest gifts. Use that power, to make the choices that will keep you on the path that represents the KickStart motto! 

Look good, feel great, love life!!!


Kim + Stevie




All You Need is Love…Tough Love

I won two race entries for Melissa’s Road Race (10k) from Impact magazine!! Yay! One for me and one for Kim!! Awesome, awesome (free) publication that I’ve read without missing a page since I moved to Calgary. 

Not only am I going to run it, I would like to run it well. Therefore, it’s time to train. I wrote out my plan…what runs I will do on what days as I prepare for the race day. I am a planner, so this part is always very motivating for me. I have a neat little plan with a red sharpie to ‘X’ out the training as I complete it. So exciting, entirely motivating…a great goal to chip away at this summer.

But then it came time to run…on day 3 of my plan.

Oh MY GOODNESS…I need to be dramatic here as it felt Very. Dramatic. A waxing appointment would have been more appealing to me than a run, and I’m not talking eyebrows. It was hot, I was tired, I was in a baaad mood. Not surprising was how quickly my inner critic jumped in to spread nastiness through my head…saying things like:

“really, you are giving up already? It’s day 3.”

“this is just like you not to follow through.”

…and more.

 As I sat there, letting that ego voice in my head chew me up, feeling ashamed and writing off the run, a quiet voice said “force it”… “force yourself into those sneakers and hit the road. You can DO this.”

Force is defined in one way as “strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.”

I needed to pull myself up to find that strength or energy.
I needed to turn my tough love switch to ON.

I hauled myself up the stairs, put on my running gear (pouting the whole time), pushed myself to the front door and forced my fingers to tie my runners, and then…I ran. I wish I could tell you it was the run of my life and the heavens opened and I’ll never bail on a run again, not quite (I was hot, tired and grouchy after all) but, my mood did take a positive turn and my family would think the run was epic based on that alone.

With all of this being said, it’s also important to know when to throw in the towel. I can sense a true reason to skip a run as opposed just not feeling like it. If I am sick, injured or just need rest, I have no problem opting out if required. This can be a fine line at times, listen for the little voice behind the inner critic. There is a lot of wisdom there.

Can we be gentle on ourselves while being firm and demanding more?
Can we flick the tough love switch to on without taking the inner critic voices to heart?
Can we do all of this without shaming or ‘shoulding’ on ourselves?


If what you are working towards falls into your ‘feel great, love life’ file, and you have to give yourself a boot to get moving towards it, do it. Use positive mantras, visualize the end result and keep reminding yourself of your ‘why’. I turn to this Ralph Waldo Emerson quote when I need a push. 

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” 

Who are you deciding to be?


Want to Eat Healthy, Reduce Stress, Save Time & Money…and More?

We want you to start focusing on the 2 P’s RIGHT. NOW. Here’s why.

planningIGKS (1)

– It reduces stress. When you know what is for dinner, and veggies are sliced and protein is marinating….and that my lovely ladies feels a little like heaven, doesn’t it? 

– Avoid the constant ‘what’s for dinner?’ questions.  Now everyone, including yourself, can just walk over to that posted plan and check if it’s Taco Tuesday or not. 

– No willpower required. After work or at the end of the day, when witching hour is upon us, we are hungry and cranky, kids are off to their activities and we may not make the best food choices! Ditch that standing date with the pizza delivery guy! With a plan and our prep done, there is no need to make stress filled dinner decisions all you have to do is follow your plan and stay on track with your nutrition. 

– It creates resources from thin air!…time and money. If you’ve done a big shop on Sunday for the meals this week you don’t have to run to the store every day or two! This saves your precious time, it also saves money as you aren’t picking up those little ‘extras’ each trip.

Planning and preparation are two habits that will keep you on track with your planningIGKSnutrition. Even the busiest of the busy can take a couple of hours on the weekend to map out the week!

Happy P + P!!

Kim’s Change Room Confessions



A lot of people expect fitness professionals to be free from body image ‘issues’.  Someone who works as a Fitness & Lifestyle leader, who promotes body positive messages and generally tries to live a pretty clean and balanced lifestyle shouldn’t have confidence challenges, right? To be truthful most of the time, I don’t.

Unless……. I have to get dressed up! (I can feel pretty good in a pair of stretchy crops, a tank, some runners and a messy ponytail, but ask me to get dressed up and I am a wreck!!!)

Ugh – the dreaded shopping trip. Having been many different sizes and shapes in my life, one thing that I have learned is, it doesn’t matter what size you are, shopping is always challenging! I had to buy a dress this week and in the hours that I spent looking I became profoundly aware at how negative my self talk was…..”Can’t do strapless, you got nothing to hold that up with honey!”, “Spaghetti straps? You wanna look like a football player with those shoulders?”, “Too bad you don’t have the long legs for that mini – thanks for the thick knees Grandma!”

Whoa, did I ever let my inner mean girl loose!

The reason I decided to share this with you was to let you know that your body is still your body no matter what, and guess what? Your insecurities are still yours too (they never magically disappear). It doesn’t matter the number on the scale, what your measurements are, how little or how much you eat……you will never be “perfect” – nor should you try to be!

My legs will never be long – but damn- they are strong!

Sure, I’m lucky to fill out a junior miss training bra – but hey, who’s noticing? I have defined arms & a muscular back!

My skin is pretty pale and freckly, but not a lot of people have hazel green eyes that see the world like mine……

My point is, don’t forget what you love about yourself!

Do you have those long muscular legs I covet? Put on that mini & kick ass in those heels!

You have sexy, delicious curves? Rock that cleavage girl! (I would!)

Do you have the bluest eyes on the block? Find that colour that makes them ZING!

Have lovely coco skin that can wear a colour so few can? Put on that yellow or tangerine and stand out in the crowd!

Zoom in on what you love, highlight it and go from there! Also, I bet if you try, you can even find things to love about what you consider your less desirable bits too!

Last thought: Nobody ever looks at you as critically as you do!!!

Put on your smile, talk to yourself with the love you would show your daughter or best bud and go out there and be FABULOUS! (No matter what you’re wearing!) xox ~ Kim

PicMonkey Collage

Kim & Stevie Get Personal!

There are always little challenges going around Facebook about learning new things about your friends, we decided we’d like to share and learn with YOU!! 

This is how you play:
– When you are done reading, click the Facebook Icon (‘f) at the bottom of this post OR share the post from our Facebook page.
– In the box that appears, type one (or more!) thing people may not know about you.
– Tag a friend that you nominate to share as well….(example, “I nominate @Susy Q to share one thing we don’t know about you”) 

         10 things you may not know about Kim! 

  1. I can rarely watch a movie at home without falling asleep!
  2. We grow our own garden every year – beets, carrots, potato, tomato, herbs, lettuce – oh and did I mention beets??? I LOVE beets!!
  3. I wear glasses/ contacts and think I may be ready for, gasp! – reading glasses!!!!
  4. I read, lots! Mostly fiction – I like stories about people and their experiences.
  5. The smell of freshly baked bread is like nothing on earth! 
  6. I wish I was more flexible & had better balance. I always admire the bendy ones!
  7. I really want to take my family on a big trip! We have never been overseas as a family. We have had great trips to Victoria, Newfoundland, Yellowstone & San Diego!
  8. Every now and then I wish I needed to dress like a grown up to go to work! Then I wouldn’t show up to every parent council, meet the teacher, activity drop off and coffee date in a rag taggle ponytail and sweaty lulu’s that I hope aren’t too stinky!!
    (btw – how are some other mom’s so incredible well put together ALL of the time?)
  9. My husband is from Newfoundland and loves his home province! I probably know more lyrics to Newfie folk tunes than a lot of Newfies!!!
  10. I have a personal training studio in my basement and feel pretty darn lucky to do what I do everyday!!! 

    10 things you may not know about Stevie!

  1. Favourite food:  sprinkles…yes, sprinkles.  I wish sprinkles were served on Kale and broccoli instead of cupcakes and doughnuts. 
  2. The surprise of finding pockets on a dress brings me great excitement.
  3. Watching live music and/or dance brings feelings up for me that I can’t explain. I love watching people perform.
  4. I cry a lot! About everything! When I’m happy, sad, frustrating, tired, proud, excited…
  5. One thing I wish I could live without is my phone. One thing I could never live without is my journal.
  6. Public push ups cause me anxiety…I feel like I am always working towards stronger push ups.
  7. My first two girls are 14 months to the day apart in age and the baby/toddler years were by far the most exhausting couple years of my life. I’m tired just thinking about those days.
  8. I get cranky when I go too long without working out.
  9. My husband is my best friend. We were friends in high school and lived together as PLATONIC roommates in college before we ever started dating….
  10. I have had braces FOUR times. I consider myself a braces expert.

 Now it’s your turn!  Remember, just share this by clicking the ‘f’ below and share something about yourself!!  (or share from the Facebook Page)


Kim + Stevie


Kim’s thoughts – 1 week after the CIBC Run for the Cure!

10671309_10152688788461321_3707055105084923271_nGorgeous fall sunshine rippling through the giant poplars suspended over the streets of Willow Park, residents lining the streets, cheering, singing and waving homemade signs. There are pink balloons, bra trees, cool team names, pink dogs & crazy boob hats! Mostly what there is, is spirit…..8,000 people united, running, jogging, walking or rolling towards their goal of 1, 2 or 5 kms. The CIBC Run for the Cure is like no other – a spirit, a passion and something to be believed in.

In our KickStart community alone we know so many people who are survivors themselves or are the friends, sisters, and daughters of someone who has been touched by this disease. I just wanted to take a moment and savor the feeling of being inspired, of being a part of something bigger and knowing that what we all want is to see the good in the world….I wanted to share what I saw with you….

I saw a tiny might of a woman walk 5km only a week and 3 days after life altering surgery! (Go Mum!!!)

I saw a community of support, acceptance and friendship.

I saw a neighborhood rally to buoy the spirits of the people running though it.

I saw newborns in strollers and elderly in wheelchairs.

I saw husbands running for their wives who could not and sons running for mothers they will never hug again.

I saw families united with a common goal.

I saw laughter and I saw lots of tears.

I saw spirit….and

I saw so much love!

ps – Thank you to our huge team and those who supported us near and far – you too are so very loved!! Our team raised over $4800!!! Whoot whoot!!

Personal Training!

Kim had an opportunity to train with a videographer from Chicflicks who was documenting her journey!  For some inspiration, motivation and maybe even a few laughs with the girls you can check out the videos on our You Tube channel here!