Kim & Stevie's Favourite Healthy Snacks

As you know Stevie & I are often on the run – we each run our own businesses, families and nurture our joint passion which is this fab little community called KickStart Fitness!! We spend a lot of our days being very physical and require healthy snacks on the go – plus our clients are […]

PT Feature: Michelle met her GOALS!!!!

Michelle is a great girl, full of energy, enthusiasm and adventurous spirit! Michelle is also a busy mom to two young kids, she works part time, manages the home & is REALLY busy! (now she’s moving, yikes!) Michelle had been attending KickStart classes with us as well as running on her own and yet she […]

4 Ways to Kick the Winter Blahs!

Lately around Calgary there are a lot of long faces while we wait out what feels like a epically long winter. It’s cold, it’s dark and it can suck the energy right out of us! It’s important when the weather starts to bring us down that we be proactive and make choices to bring ourselves […]

"Failed" Resolutions? Try this instead…….

  Did you know that the average New Years resolution only lasts 4-6 weeks? Are you in this category? Still trucking along or have you already “given up”? Looking ahead at the beginning of the year fills us with so much hope. Hope that maybe this time, maybe this year we will accomplish that thing […]