Our Motto – Will you Join us in Living it?

At KickStart our motto is “look good, feel great, love life”. The way we see it, if you feel great…if you love life…then your personal definition of looking ‘good’ –is a happy side effect. Nothing looks better on a lady than the inner glow born of health and confidence. To embody the KickStart Lifestyle we […]


All You Need is Love…Tough Love

I won two race entries for Melissa’s Road Race (10k) from Impact magazine!! Yay! One for me and one for Kim!! Awesome, awesome (free) publication that I’ve read without missing a page since I moved to Calgary.  Not only am I going to run it, I would like to run it well. Therefore, it’s time […]


Don’t get HANGRY!

Don’t get HANGRY! It’s a kinda funny word, but when that feeling takes over – watch out! Nothing is funny – at all! What is Hangry? When it’s been too long since your last proper meal or snack and not only do you start to feel the rumbles of hunger but you mood slips, you […]


Yup, I did it…..

So, I did it! I sucked it up and admitted I needed help with something! I got my parking lesson! (If you have no idea what I am talking about – read Part 1 here!) Along the way I learned something more than how important angles and perception of space are ………… I learned that […]


Kim admits her defeat……& gets help!

Have you ever had a “thing” you felt you SHOULD be better at? Something that embarrassed you to admit you weren’t very good at? Something that despite helpful hints and offers to help from well meaning spouses or family members you just blank and the only thing your brain screams out is “I CAN’T DO […]