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Quick Fix or Pumpkin Pie?

Usually, when someone, myself included, decides they want or need something, they want or need it in that exact same moment. Now. I’m quite sure that this behaviour has not always been the norm. Our predecessors had to plant, nurture and work for an entire season to have the pumpkin to make the puree to enjoy […]

Workout with your Friends! It’s better that way!

Can working out in a group make you more fit? Studies say yes! and here’s why……… You are more likely to get out the door to your workout when you know the group, your friends and the instructor are expecting you! Everyone works significantly harder when there are others around as well as an instructor […]


Snacks, Munchies & Boredom (or fear, anxiety, loneliness, feeling out of control)

So many times when we are coaching our clients about creating new Fitness and Lifestyle habits the issue of snacks come up as one area where many people feel very challenged! Perhaps it’s the “carb-y” before bed snack of toast and peanut butter or cereal or munching on a salty snack like chips or popcorn […]


Are YOU even on your own calender?

  I don’t know about you, but I have a mixture of excitement and trepidation this time of year! I sat down with both of the kids school calendars to do the dreaded inputting of PD days, holidays, parent teacher meetings etc, (sooooo much fun when you have one on a modified calendar and the […]