Are YOU even on your own calender?


I don’t know about you, but I have a mixture of excitement and trepidation this time of year! I sat down with both of the kids school calendars to do the dreaded inputting of PD days, holidays, parent teacher meetings etc, (sooooo much fun when you have one on a modified calendar and the other traditional so that very few of their holidays match up & we don’t even have their sport’s training schedule yet!!!) Alas, I digress! Stevie and I have also been going through our calendars, setting up our schedule for our fitness classes, trying to make sure that we are supporting each others travel plans, as well as the one on one work we do with our clients…..whew! Lot’s to think about….it can create a bit of anxiety looking ahead and knowing that the peaceful pace of summer is coming to a close.

But there is also a sense of fun and possibility with it all – the feeling of the new spiral notebook waiting to be filled with thoughts, ideas & possibilities. Oftentimes, as the principle “manager” of our households, we fill the calendar with what everyone else needs….get kids to practice for 6:30pm, book husband dentist apt, book dog grooming, son needs pants that are not “floods” before picture day etc.  So. Many. Things.

This process got me to thinking……have you put yourself on the calendar yet? What do you need to make this year more fulfilling than the last? Is this your year to finally take that art class? Get over your fear and try downhill skiing? Eat out less and cook healthy meals at home? Maybe every year you think, “this year will be different!” What does it take to actually make it different? To not turn around in June and sigh, maybe next year…..

Well if you really want things to be different, I challenge you now to put yourself on the calendar! Commit, plan it, make it happen, book it in! If you leave it up to chance we all know how quickly that calendar gets filled by details, details happen. This fall, be sure to fill it with things that nurture your soul too! Fill your heart and mind and try new things. Be excited, be bold, take care of you so that you CAN take care of the details.

xox Kim

This fall, Kim + Stevie want to help you reach your lifestyle goals – be it to get into a regular, fun fitness routine in your community or get specialized one-on-one help with Personal Training or Coaching.  Want to know more? Send us an email at

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