Want to Eat Healthy, Reduce Stress, Save Time & Money…and More?

We want you to start focusing on the 2 P’s RIGHT. NOW. Here’s why.

planningIGKS (1)

– It reduces stress. When you know what is for dinner, and veggies are sliced and protein is marinating….and that my lovely ladies feels a little like heaven, doesn’t it? 

– Avoid the constant ‘what’s for dinner?’ questions.  Now everyone, including yourself, can just walk over to that posted plan and check if it’s Taco Tuesday or not. 

– No willpower required. After work or at the end of the day, when witching hour is upon us, we are hungry and cranky, kids are off to their activities and we may not make the best food choices! Ditch that standing date with the pizza delivery guy! With a plan and our prep done, there is no need to make stress filled dinner decisions all you have to do is follow your plan and stay on track with your nutrition. 

– It creates resources from thin air!…time and money. If you’ve done a big shop on Sunday for the meals this week you don’t have to run to the store every day or two! This saves your precious time, it also saves money as you aren’t picking up those little ‘extras’ each trip.

Planning and preparation are two habits that will keep you on track with your planningIGKSnutrition. Even the busiest of the busy can take a couple of hours on the weekend to map out the week!

Happy P + P!!