Kim’s Change Room Confessions



A lot of people expect fitness professionals to be free from body image ‘issues’.  Someone who works as a Fitness & Lifestyle leader, who promotes body positive messages and generally tries to live a pretty clean and balanced lifestyle shouldn’t have confidence challenges, right? To be truthful most of the time, I don’t.

Unless……. I have to get dressed up! (I can feel pretty good in a pair of stretchy crops, a tank, some runners and a messy ponytail, but ask me to get dressed up and I am a wreck!!!)

Ugh – the dreaded shopping trip. Having been many different sizes and shapes in my life, one thing that I have learned is, it doesn’t matter what size you are, shopping is always challenging! I had to buy a dress this week and in the hours that I spent looking I became profoundly aware at how negative my self talk was…..”Can’t do strapless, you got nothing to hold that up with honey!”, “Spaghetti straps? You wanna look like a football player with those shoulders?”, “Too bad you don’t have the long legs for that mini – thanks for the thick knees Grandma!”

Whoa, did I ever let my inner mean girl loose!

The reason I decided to share this with you was to let you know that your body is still your body no matter what, and guess what? Your insecurities are still yours too (they never magically disappear). It doesn’t matter the number on the scale, what your measurements are, how little or how much you eat……you will never be “perfect” – nor should you try to be!

My legs will never be long – but damn- they are strong!

Sure, I’m lucky to fill out a junior miss training bra – but hey, who’s noticing? I have defined arms & a muscular back!

My skin is pretty pale and freckly, but not a lot of people have hazel green eyes that see the world like mine……

My point is, don’t forget what you love about yourself!

Do you have those long muscular legs I covet? Put on that mini & kick ass in those heels!

You have sexy, delicious curves? Rock that cleavage girl! (I would!)

Do you have the bluest eyes on the block? Find that colour that makes them ZING!

Have lovely coco skin that can wear a colour so few can? Put on that yellow or tangerine and stand out in the crowd!

Zoom in on what you love, highlight it and go from there! Also, I bet if you try, you can even find things to love about what you consider your less desirable bits too!

Last thought: Nobody ever looks at you as critically as you do!!!

Put on your smile, talk to yourself with the love you would show your daughter or best bud and go out there and be FABULOUS! (No matter what you’re wearing!) xox ~ Kim