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Coco Almond Protein Balls
A balanced treat with a hint of sweet to keep you going!
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  1. 1/2 cup almond butter
  2. 1 cup pitted dates
  3. 1/3 cup large flake oats
  4. 1/4 cup unsweetened flaked coconut
  5. 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  6. pinch of sea salt
  1. Blend in food processor until it starts to form a ball, use a heaping teaspoon to portion, then roll into balls using hands, can roll in additional coconut flakes or cocoa powder if desired.
  2. Very flexible recipe - feel free to add additional nuts, raisins, carob chips etc.
  3. Doubles easily and freezes well!
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Kim & Stevie Get Personal!

There are always little challenges going around Facebook about learning new things about your friends, we decided we’d like to share and learn with YOU!! 

This is how you play:
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– In the box that appears, type one (or more!) thing people may not know about you.
– Tag a friend that you nominate to share as well….(example, “I nominate @Susy Q to share one thing we don’t know about you”) 

         10 things you may not know about Kim! 

  1. I can rarely watch a movie at home without falling asleep!
  2. We grow our own garden every year – beets, carrots, potato, tomato, herbs, lettuce – oh and did I mention beets??? I LOVE beets!!
  3. I wear glasses/ contacts and think I may be ready for, gasp! – reading glasses!!!!
  4. I read, lots! Mostly fiction – I like stories about people and their experiences.
  5. The smell of freshly baked bread is like nothing on earth! 
  6. I wish I was more flexible & had better balance. I always admire the bendy ones!
  7. I really want to take my family on a big trip! We have never been overseas as a family. We have had great trips to Victoria, Newfoundland, Yellowstone & San Diego!
  8. Every now and then I wish I needed to dress like a grown up to go to work! Then I wouldn’t show up to every parent council, meet the teacher, activity drop off and coffee date in a rag taggle ponytail and sweaty lulu’s that I hope aren’t too stinky!!
    (btw – how are some other mom’s so incredible well put together ALL of the time?)
  9. My husband is from Newfoundland and loves his home province! I probably know more lyrics to Newfie folk tunes than a lot of Newfies!!!
  10. I have a personal training studio in my basement and feel pretty darn lucky to do what I do everyday!!! 

    10 things you may not know about Stevie!

  1. Favourite food:  sprinkles…yes, sprinkles.  I wish sprinkles were served on Kale and broccoli instead of cupcakes and doughnuts. 
  2. The surprise of finding pockets on a dress brings me great excitement.
  3. Watching live music and/or dance brings feelings up for me that I can’t explain. I love watching people perform.
  4. I cry a lot! About everything! When I’m happy, sad, frustrating, tired, proud, excited…
  5. One thing I wish I could live without is my phone. One thing I could never live without is my journal.
  6. Public push ups cause me anxiety…I feel like I am always working towards stronger push ups.
  7. My first two girls are 14 months to the day apart in age and the baby/toddler years were by far the most exhausting couple years of my life. I’m tired just thinking about those days.
  8. I get cranky when I go too long without working out.
  9. My husband is my best friend. We were friends in high school and lived together as PLATONIC roommates in college before we ever started dating….
  10. I have had braces FOUR times. I consider myself a braces expert.

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Kim + Stevie