PT Feature: Michelle met her GOALS!!!!

Michelle is a great girl, full of energy, enthusiasm and adventurous spirit! Michelle is also a busy mom to two young kids, she works part time, manages the home & is REALLY busy! (now she’s moving, yikes!)

Michelle had been attending KickStart classes with us as well as running on her own and yet she couldn’t help but feel like she wanted more…more individualized attention, more challenge & more muscles!!! (ps- She was also extremely motivated by the fact that she had a tropical vacation coming up and had to go bathing suit shopping!!!)

Michelle came to me with a vision (muscles!!!), a goal (to feel good on her trip) and a budget and we worked together to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Over the 10 weeks that Michelle and I worked together, I took her through a progressive set of workouts that she then completed on her own at home in between our sessions. She took a close look at her nutrition, rest, stress and gave her workouts 110% and guess what – she did it!!

Michelle lost 9.75”, approx 10 lbs of body fat and gained 5 lbs of lean muscle mass!!!! (She lost 2 inches on her waist alone!!)

When she went bathing suit shopping she went for the bikini (instead of the one piece she feared) and now gets a kick outta seeing the fab muscles in her strong arms!

Listen to what Michelle had to say about her experience…..”Having taken group fitness classes with Kim, I knew I loved how positive she was and how much she focused on doing things with proper form.  I loved the classes but thought I needed to personalize things a bit and learn to use equipment I had access to so I signed up for personal training.  Kim checked in with me and challenged me through our time together which gave me the support I needed to reach my goal.  I walked away from each visit feel strong and confident that I can do this!  I love the results and look forward to continuing to use Kim’s strategies to keep this momentum going strong.”

Michelle – you were a joy to work with! Your dedication to your goal, hard work and pure grit brought you the results you were looking for! Nice job Miss!