"Failed" Resolutions? Try this instead…….


Did you know that the average New Years resolution only lasts 4-6 weeks? Are you in this category? Still trucking along or have you already “given up”?

Looking ahead at the beginning of the year fills us with so much hope. Hope that maybe this time, maybe this year we will accomplish that thing that we yearn for. Unfortunately if we don’t stick with it, if life gets in the way, this hopefulness can sour quite quickly and turn into a spiral of negative self talk. “Geez I’m so lazy!”, “I have no willpower” or “What’s wrong with me?”.  That bright eyed hopefulness and optimism dwindles, and we speak to ourselves with words you wouldn’t utter to your worst enemy!

Funnily enough…..almost all resolutions or goals can be broken down to one simple concept = SELF LOVE! (and that is the one thing we do not give ourselves in all of it!!)

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 most common resolutions:

Eat healthier – include more greens, go organic, eat more fruits and vegetables, meal plan, shop at the farmer’s market, no more refined sugar etc.
Exercise more– run a race, workout 5 times a week, start weight training, go to the gym etc.
Lose weight – get back into those skinny jeans, be a size____ again, i will lose ____ pounds etc.
Stick to a budget– manage my debt, pay off that line of credit, save up for that vacation etc.
Drink less alcohol/ quit smoking– only have wine on the weekends, I will never smoke again etc.

If you boil each one down it is plain to see that each goal requires care and dedication to yourself, to your physical and emotional well being. Without it none would be achievable!

We all have a vision of where we would like to be and why – sometimes examining what is keeping us from getting there can be helpful. We love the quote “If you think you can or think you can’t – you are right”. If you do not believe that you can accomplish your goal, you are setting yourself up. Smaller goals are more manageable, more doable…..instead of “I am going to eat no sugar, no dairy, no gluten for an entire month”. How about “I will add 2 servings of leafy greens and not have dessert after supper this week.” ? Perhaps you feel good after that, your digestion is better and you don’t feel bloated when you go to bed at night. Yay! Once you accomplish that, then you can make other additions – feeling capable and proud because you already accomplished your first goal. And because you feel better making those choices it is affirming that you are on the right track! The self love is starting to flow!

Often times we are so busy looking to “perfect” ourselves that we fail to see that if we supported, nurtured and cared for ourselves and gave “feeling good” a try – really listened to our bodies and our minds, we will be guided to making the healthy choices that we crave!

What makes you feel good? Think about it, what makes you feel loved and cared for? Perhaps our new resolution should be real simple “LOVE THYSELF!”

Are you at your Natural Weight?

As many of you know, in addition to being part of the amazing KickStart family (woot!) I’m also a Life/Health Coach.
I work with women to help lighten the heaviness they feel, body and spirit. I use life coaching and my education in nutrition to create programs for them to ‘lighten’ up and find themselves in a joy-filled place in life.

This is a post I wrote a few years ago.  If it is something you are struggling with, I hope these words stir something up in you.  xo~Stevie Read more

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