Fuel up Pre-Fitness + Homeade 'Lara Bars'

One of the biggest questions we get asked is what should I eat before Bootcamp?  There are so many different views and opinions that the confusion is definitely warranted.  We personally keep it simple when it comes to our nourishment; consuming whole, organic (when possible) foods that work for our bodies. Read more

Who is Inspiring You?

After Calgary’s floods this spring, Mayor Nenshi rallied our city though it’s darkest days and continues to do so as the recovery is far from over. He touched people with his genuine concern for their care and well being. He inspired a city to help in whatever ways they could to make the situation better for those less fortunate. Read more

Fitness, Friendship and Fun!

Kim and I finally had a moment to sit back and reflect on our first 4 days of class, what a rush!  It has been amazing, and we both shared how grateful we are for each other, everyone who participates in our classes, those who support us online and in real life! Read more